Monday, March 27, 2006

Fun Times in Sickland

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit. I went to University Chicken (which I still highly recommend) after the Salam Pax speech at City Hall, and promptly got violently ill from what I believe was food poisoning.

I refrain from saying "I know" it was food poisoning as I could be sued for libel. I <3 lawyers.

Get to the Speech Already!

Back to the speech though. It was very well done, though different in both content and form from the speech in MLK Library. Mr. Pax professed that he is "no politician", though his message was highly political, and very emotionally charged.

Of course, it would be surprising if it wasn't given the topic. I can't imagine many Americans refraining from making political assertions if the US were on the brink of civil war.

As promised, here are the links to the complete speeches/video files on Google Video. (MLK Library Speech, City Hall Speech)

Feel free to post them on your sites; the internet is a beautiful thing (any SJSU staff reading this? Educational benefits... anyone, anyone... saves money... anyone, anyone... no, just me?).

Break... Time to Forget All You Learned... Assuming You Learned Something(J/K).

As it is currently spring break, I won't be posting again till next Monday. I will post on -30-, my other news site this week. Look for updates there.

When I get back on campus Monday I'll write more about the SJSU elections, and what they mean/meant for SJSU students.

P.S. WTF on only one position having two candidates running - I thought we cared about our money and rights at SJSU. Anyways, I'll get into that when I get back as well as why the Spartan Daily didn't run much on the candidates.

Enjoy your break and stay halfway sober - completely if you're underaged.
Be safe.