Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Last Days Coming

Finals are upon students at SJSU, and campus is looking a little sparse. That is, except for the library, and a few places where students are tucked away trying to avoid doing work.

The New Kid On The Block

Hello All! It would appear that the charismatic Andrew Venages has roped me into blogging some of my world famous randomness. So to get the ball rolling I would like to offer up the first two of what will come to be many site recommendations in the future.

The first is actually a shameless ploy to increase traffic on my own site. But! it is a good site designed and maintained by yours truly. So check out Axis Design Studios and my blog at blog.axisds.com

The second is the new site for TAP (A.K.A The Art Project). Creators of the original Ron Burgundy and Jack Black Shirts these boys and girls are doings some cool things. Check them out at TapIsLegit.org.

That would be all for today. It has been over 40 hours since I have last slept to I am going to go rest up a bit.

Burke Shartsis

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