Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Phil Wolff at SJSU - talks on Skype Ban

Here's the podcast from Phil Wolff's guest lecture in JMC 163 tonight. There were technical difficulties with Steve Sloan's computer, so the Skypecast fell through. Video clips from the lecture will be available soon.

Wolff talked about everything from how Skype actually works to how blogging is affecting society. Good chat.

Oh, and here's my first post on the Spartan Daily Blog. It would have been up sooner, but class didn't get out till nine. That's smarts!

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Spartan Blog Author

Well, they've finally done it - at the risk of losing all credibility and alienating countless readers, as well as endangering their new presence on the web - the Spartan Daily just gave me authorship previlages to post on Spartan Daily Blogs.

Don't worry all you Soapbox readers out there, I'll still be blogging here. In fact, the new traffic will probably ensure I blog here even more.

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Big Win for SJSU Students in Skype Battle

Today is a reminder that student activism and concern from teachers can yield amazing results.

It looks like Skype is going to be allowed on the SJSU campus. Steve Sloan just broke the story an hour ago (it hasn't gotten on technorati yet) in a post on his website.

While Steve doesn't give any details about the deal apparently made between the University and Ebay (they were having a meeting today to discuss the future of Skype at SJSU), he writes:

The very short version, they are NOT going to be pulling the plug on Skype at San Jose State University. Stay tuned for more!

It's a good day for students and educators alike. Go Steve.

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Skype Meeting Today

Phil Wolff of Skype journal will be here at SJSU today in DBH 226 at 5:00 pm. If you can't make it, tune into the Skypecast and make some noise. All are welcomed to attend.

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