Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Lazy will Inherit the Earth? Sweet!

[Disclosure: I use a remote control to search the music folder on my desktop because the labor of using a keyboard is too great while lying in bed on Monday mornings. I still have a mini fridge in my room because, sometimes, the kitchen is just too damned far away. I never pay my taxes before the last minute, and my google/ig has more tabs on it than Technorati has links - I demand the world come to me. Yes, yes... I'm lazy.]

That said, here's a little up and coming gem I found through Techcrunch. It's called Remote Control Mail; a company that opens, scans, and emails your physical mail to you. Niffty idea; for about $50 (activation fee and then 6 months of service) you can check your mail from anywhere. They'll even get rid of your junk mail for you. It's one of those interim services until the post office goes under from lack of use.

Here's another nugget I found today: ZeFrank - genius. Happy Thanksgiving indeed.

Hey, on a sidenote - anyone catch that response from Irina of Geek Entertainment TV the other day... cool stuff. I digg her show. Check it out over here.

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