Monday, January 29, 2007

Segregation at SJSU

Bob Rucker brought up an interesting point today in MCOM105. Students in the Student Union seem to self segregate. Asians, blacks, whites - cliques form from table to table.

Ergo, I want to shoot a video for this blog about diversity, segregation, racism on campus, and of course, the media. If anyone has relevant stories to this end, be it an enlightened opinion about why it happens (or maybe the opinion that segregation doesn't happen, for that matter), let me know.

I can set up an interview time with you at your convenience, so don't worry about busy schedules.

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Google Blows My Mind

Here's a great article from The New Yorker about the massive Google Books undertaking. Talk about a monstrous about of data: Google's decided to scan every book ever written and make them all searchable like web sites.

Good thing Hitachi Global Storage Technologies is coming out with the terabyte drive. I think Google might need a few.

Sidenote: This could be great news for journalists! With all books going electronic, it will force government agencies to do the same, and integrate their systems with Google's. While it may be scary for some, pretty soon, all research may be done on the web.

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