Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm Forever Stuupid

Two minutes have passed since my last post. Forget diamonds, cyberspace is forever. The syntax and general grammar of my last post was all messed up, but due to either the HTML or flash embed that I put into the editor, Blogger won't let me go back and change it. Instead, I click on the 'Edit Post' button only to have the content disappear. I feel like I just spelled P-O-T-A-T-O-E.

Somewhere, an English teacher is crying...


SJSU's Hollywood Scene

Like most of you reading this blog, I couldn't sleep last night and decided to searching meta tags online for anything cool or quirky in my area. One link lead to another and finally, I ended up on this video of from FPS, The Film Production Society here at SJSU.

Film Production Society Promo

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The funny thing is that I know some of the students that founded this organization, and yet had no idea the organization even existed until I stumbled upon it in a Google Calendar search.

On a side note, Google Calendar is the bomb-diggity.