Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm Forever Stuupid

Two minutes have passed since my last post. Forget diamonds, cyberspace is forever. The syntax and general grammar of my last post was all messed up, but due to either the HTML or flash embed that I put into the editor, Blogger won't let me go back and change it. Instead, I click on the 'Edit Post' button only to have the content disappear. I feel like I just spelled P-O-T-A-T-O-E.

Somewhere, an English teacher is crying...


SJSU's Hollywood Scene

Like most of you reading this blog, I couldn't sleep last night and decided to searching meta tags online for anything cool or quirky in my area. One link lead to another and finally, I ended up on this video of from FPS, The Film Production Society here at SJSU.

Film Production Society Promo

Add to My Profile | More Videos

The funny thing is that I know some of the students that founded this organization, and yet had no idea the organization even existed until I stumbled upon it in a Google Calendar search.

On a side note, Google Calendar is the bomb-diggity.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sam Donaldson's Got His Mojo Working

Sam Donaldson was just here this past month for the 50th Anniversary of the Broadcast sequence at SJSU.

I wish I knew then that he was partying like a rock star in D.C. ". That would have made the night even more intriguing.

And yes, Donaldson is married.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Ze Frank is back online... Hard Chargers beware.

In other happenings, I saw a drug ad today with Sally Field that really got me thinking. In forty years, which actors are HMO's and drug companies going to be using to sell me drugs that I probably won't need? Maybe LeVar Burton from Reading Rainbow?

I mean, there's not a drug on Earth I wouldn't buy from that guy.

Actually, that goes for Captain Picard too.

I watched The Matrix today on my laptop. Has anyone else noticed that the movie is just about THE SINGLE WORST DAY OF ONE MAN'S LIFE. I mean, wake up, find out your life was a dream, have a raving lunatic tell you that you're the messiah, and then die before being resurrected by a woman that could easily snap and kill you in bed.

But I digress...


Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'm Hooking Up with Random People ALL the Time

You've caught me, red-handed, blissfully self-indulgent and unabashedly non-discrete about it. Call me whatever you will, just don't say that you're not doing the same.

I'm a pimp. Pusher. A user and a fiend. I'm the new brand of neo-crack-head. I'm a social networking whore. Myspace, Facebook, Hi5, Blogger, Wordpress, Flickr, Twitter, Pownce, Technorati: start a site and add your widget to my desktop.

Just in case you like math, that's 9 DIFFERENT alphanumeric passwords and login names, each unique like everyone else's. My brain hurts.

And here's another one for the list-likers out there. Linked-In. Megan Hamilton gave me this week's fix, and I'm again, hopelessly addicted. How many degrees is that perfect job from my network? Let me see.

Import my Google contacts. Check.
Import from Outlook. Check.
Look for my classmates. Done.
Damn, nothing yet.

Oh well. I'll settle for a hip recommendation and some URL track-back links. Then I can Twitter this blog link to Technorati while dreams of Google-rank dance in my head. Maybe then someone BIG will notice. And we all want to be noticed.

Isn't that why we all love these sites so much?


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Headline Writing Burnout

ACCESS Magazine is going along well. Yesterday we went over ideas for headlines.
This is what happens when you stick 30 people in a room and tell them to be creative: racist, campy, tripe, or totally cliche.

My personal favorites:
"Jocks N' Cocks"
"Border Hopping"
"The World and You"
"Politics 2.0"
"The Misadventures of Cancerpants"

Wow. Awkward.


To My Starving, Magazine Writing, Slacker Friends

I'm not lazy, and I'm no idiot with regards to new technology. But jeez, it is hard to get noticed. Valleywag's Paul Boutin had this kick-butt article this morning that you've got to read if you're struggling to make a name for yourself. It almost made me want to write something original (blogosphere joke)...


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

An Apple a Day Keeps my Paychecks at Bay

I was just hired at the Apple store in Stanford as a Mac Specialist. Looks like it's going to be fun; there's a lot of great people that work there. The only real thing that I'm concerned about is that my paycheck will go right back to Apple. I have no willpower.

Sidenote: I've already started having friends ask me when the second gen iPhone will be coming out. This is Drew's BLANK STARE.

I'm in RETAIL! Come on people. And even if I knew, which I don't, why would I jeopardize my job.
Anyways, this will be my last post about my life as a Mac Specialist. For the record though, I don't know anything, I've never met Steve Jobs, and black turtlenecks are just comfortable.