Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Adobe: One Man Design, Editing, and Production Suite

I just got back from a demo of the CS3 suite at Adobe in downtown San Jose. WOW!
While I can't say much, as they had everyone sign a confidentiality agreement, let me just say that the video capabilities built right into the CS3 suite are mind-blowing, as are some of the AJAX inspired plugins for still images.

For the sake of FinalCut's employees, I hope they're sprinting towards integrating their system with everyone else's.

And for all you up and coming journalists out there that are contemplating getting an Avid, FinalCut, or other editing system, I'd advise you hold off for a week or two to check out the capabilities of this new system. The keyphrase of the demo was INTEGRATION.

HINT: If you already know that you're getting CS3 when it comes out, make sure you get the Extended edition of Photoshop. Trust me, you'll love it.

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Last week I helped film an interesting video for my friend Michael Dries-Coons, an art major here at SJSU. The premise of the film, get random people to do the can-can on film, edit the film, and post it within 90 minutes.

Wierd and quirky, it's at least good for a chuckle.

It also shows just how easy it is to create content along these days. Go Priemere Pro.

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San Jose Merc on Campus

The San Jose Mercury is on campus today in Dwight Bentel Hall, doing a piece on Prof. Bob Rucker’s Diversity in the Media class. More specifically, the piece is centered on the controversy surrounding Don Imus’ recent comments. Rucker made a call for discussion on racial issues on a talk show earlier this week, a call that the Merc apparently heard.

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Tagging, Pinging, and Website Optimization

STEM will be meeting today at its usual time of 4:30 to discuss tagging, pinging and website optimization. Anyone is invited; bring a friend!

WHO: STEM (Student Technology & Emerging Media)
WHAT: Tagging, Pinging, Web-Opt.
WHEN: 4:30 PM, today
WHERE: Room 116 of the Academic Success Center (formerly Clark Library)

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Tunnel of Oppression Controversy

For those of you who haven't yet seen it, go see the Tunnel of Oppression at the Student Union main ballroom sometime this week.

The exhibit, while pointed, stops viewers and makes them examine some civil rights issues in the world today.

That said, I agree with what Andrew Schwartz said in today's Daily about the Palestinian room being one sided. Here's my little rant on that.

The Palestine section does a disservice to the reality of the conflict, and in fact to Palestinians and Jews alike, by not presenting a more realistically complex account, with both sides represented.

While the facts and figures shown may be accurate, they fail to examine the reasoning behind such actions as suicide attacks and the building of the wall. Ergo, they fail to explain why the conflict has lasted so long or how anything can be resolved.

I do not believe it was the intention of the group, Students for Change, to demonize Israel, as some have said, though I do believe that such one-sided depictions can easy lead to inaccurate interpretations of the conflict.

That said, I also believe Students for Change has every right to present their point of view, no matter what it may be.

Why such a long post on this story? First off, it's Genocide Awareness week. Secondly, the Tunnel of Oppression has been stirring up some controversy online.

Check out these links for a behind-the-scenes look. There's some interesting emails in there as well. (1)(2)(3)

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Radical Transparency @ SJSU

In this month's issue of Wired magazine, they talk about how smart company are opening up everything they do and are to the public.

SJSU has been doing some of the same lately. The JMC crew have been posting video shorts (1)(2) for their midterms, and some not surprisingly raw content has trickled its way into my RSS reader.

In fact, one of the most powerful vids was from Cynthia McCune, a JMC teacher. This sort of honest and frankness makes people and companies tangible - and real!

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