Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Ze Frank is back online... Hard Chargers beware.

In other happenings, I saw a drug ad today with Sally Field that really got me thinking. In forty years, which actors are HMO's and drug companies going to be using to sell me drugs that I probably won't need? Maybe LeVar Burton from Reading Rainbow?

I mean, there's not a drug on Earth I wouldn't buy from that guy.

Actually, that goes for Captain Picard too.

I watched The Matrix today on my laptop. Has anyone else noticed that the movie is just about THE SINGLE WORST DAY OF ONE MAN'S LIFE. I mean, wake up, find out your life was a dream, have a raving lunatic tell you that you're the messiah, and then die before being resurrected by a woman that could easily snap and kill you in bed.

But I digress...