Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Long time no post. I've been really busy lately, moving two blocks down from my current apartment, tutoring teachers in Flash, audio editing, and video production, and building THREE seperate websites!

Props to Bob Rucker for his work on the Diversity project, and Doc Cheers for creating a pretty impressive multimedia project for the Gordon Parks exhibition that is coming to SJSU. I'll post that piece here when it's finished.

In other news, I've finished two of eighteen scripts I am writing for another video project out shortly. I'm paying homage to the film legend George Romero and releasing (via the internet and iTunes) a six week long series about a small group of Californians trying to survive a zombie attack. Why?

CAUSE ZOMBIES ROCK! And because I wanted to put all of my skill-sets together and use the end result as a calling card/resume. The website is currently under construction, but believe me when I say that the videos will be the least community oriented part of the site. I'll keep you updated on that.

Phew. And before I forget - congrats to another student at SJSU - Colleen Henry. Check out her awesome blog here.

AFTERNOTE: Yes, I just read the wiki on George Romero, and yes, my heart sank when I found that he may currently be doing a similar project to mine. Oh well, the world could always use a couple more zombie flicks.

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