Thursday, September 21, 2006

Stickers Cover Mass Schedule

Chris Caldwell stands outside Spartan Memorial Chapel today, next to where the
stickers covered the schedule of masses presided over by Victoria Rue.

Stickers that said Victoria Rue is not a Catholic priest were placed over a mass schedule outside the Spartan Memorial Chapel on Wednesday, according to Chris Caldwell, a junior majoring in Linguistics.

The poster had been removed by this afternoon, with no poster in its place.

Victoria Rue was featured last semester in The Spartan Daily; some controversy has surrounded her since she said she is a Roman Catholic priest - a title the Catholic Church has rejected.

Skype oh Skype, Where for Art Thou?

The story keeps getting better and better. Phil Wolff of Skype Journal blogged about me today (how's that for circular story-telling), which is getting this site more traffic than it has ever seen.

Kudos to Skype Journal. The more people that pick up on this story, the more pressure we can put on the administration to at least have a conversation with the students before taking away such a valuable resource as Skype.

Blogger Beta Blues

Well, I've finally gone and done it. There's no turning back now - I've gone to Blogger Beta.

For all of you out there that have known the deep pang of havings your post destroyed by the "publishing dial monster" (see picture above), you'll appreciate the beauty of instant publishing.
It is by far the best feature to be added to the site.

Here's another kicker; you can customize your RSS feeds in beta, so that you receive feeds on individual sections, posts, anything!

Also, beta put out a plethera of new templates, including new functionality and html code. This isn't as impressive as instant publishing or custom RSS, hence the reason I'm sticking to my old code.

If it ain't broke...