Friday, February 02, 2007

SJSU Technology & Emerging Media!

Tonight, a small group of students met for the first time to discuss the beginnings of what will become SJSU Technology & Emerging Media.

If ANYONE is interested in joining, our second meeting will be held in Academic Center's conference room Wednesday, February 7,2007 at 4:00 PM. Everyone is welcome!

Here's a breakdown of the new officers of the club:
President: Jessica Drnek
Vice President: Andrew Venegas
Secretary: Kyle Hansen
Treasurer: Sean Gilpin
Student Advisor: Steve Sloan

And for now, we're all press officers - including you! Please let anyone that might be interested (even non-students) know. Video and more will be available as I get it edited.

NOTE: It is not a coincidence that all the officers have their own sites.

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Last Reminder: Meeting TODAY!

Just one last reminder, the first meeting of the New Media & Tech club (or whatever we name it) will be at 5:00 pm at Pizza My Heart, just off campus from SJSU. Any student, teacher, or all-round geek from the greater Bay Area is welcomed to come.

(Sidenote: Unfortunetely, while membership and participation is open to any and everyone, only students will be allowed to vote in the club. School by-laws. Sorry)

Come out. Get involved. Make some history.

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Digging Technorati, WTF?!

If you haven't been following Sifry's blog, now would be an interesting time to start. His company, Technorati, just released its new WTF system, making it that much more interactive. Word has already spread that the system is eerily similar to Digg. You decide. Check it out for yourself.

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CNET's still looking

I have multiple job search feeds on my OPML file; I like to look at hiring trends in the tech industry. I've noticed one opening that has been vacant for a while from CNET. It really shows how New Media is changing and where the biz is headed.

Does anyone honestly think this stuff is disappearing anytime soon? Then I guess it's time to start teaching it with theory in college. Hmmm. Maybe CNET could send a guest lecturer.

AFTERNOTE: And yes, I Technorati myself to know who's talking about me in cyberspace. Like Scoble, I'm an egotist. Ha!

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