Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ze Frank is a Genius

Zonk! Zort! Zula! Are the new readers gone?

Congrats to Ze Frank, who's wrapping up his yearlong show this week, which has drawn praise from across the vlogosphere.

Giant babies and stinky nipples aside, Ze's content has always been timely and fresh. Check out this week's episodes here. Sports Racers everywhere are going crazy.

Good luck to Ze in his next endeavors. I'll be watching.

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Robotics Clubs Meet for Competition at SJSU

Who said, "Geeks are anti-social?" Here's some raw footage from the Robotics Competition being held on campus today. Oh ya, and an alligator about to eat a police officer...

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CFA Votes on Whether to Strike

Over 500 teachers voted today on whether or not the CFA should strike throughout the CSU system, according to Kelly Harrison, an SJSU professor of English, working the voting booth near the Student Union today.
"I would like the pay increase that the chancellor gets," said Harrison, when asked how much of a pay increase would persuade her to not strike. "I think what the Union has asked for is fair."

Harrison said that SJSU is losing teachers to low wages and a high cost of living relative to other states, a sentiment echoed by other teachers in recent weeks.
Dr. Scott Myers-Lipton, a professor of Sociology at SJSU, said he would also strike if this week's vote backed such a proposal. "It will affect every department," Myers said.

Check out the CFA's take on the situation here.
The CSU press release from March 8th can be found here.
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SJSU Wireless is Sluggish

Logging on takes forever, and so does surfing. I'm sitting right next to one the the routers in Dwight Bentel Hall, and the bandwidth is still meager at best. I've been told by a few people in the administration that this is partially due to the authentication process for students.

Does this mean that the University thinks that the real threat is the student body?

FURTHER READING: There hasn't been much published about the campus networks, but here's a couple of past articles I found in the Spartan Daily archives. (1) (2)

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