Friday, September 22, 2006

Where'd the Spartan Blogs Go?

First off, let me say that I'm impressed that the Spartan Daily has started blogging, but where did its writers go?

The last entry on The Spartan Blog is timestamped as being from September 10th, 2006. It just seems to me that with close to 30,000 students with close to 30,000 lives and ideas and problems, there'd be more to say.

If nothing else, the Daily could aggregate a list of blogs from students in the SJSU community it respects and blogroll them on the Daily's website.

I am anxious to see how the blog evolves as the semester progresses.

When the Story is a Story

It was brought to my attention today by Steve Sloan that the Skype ban story is a story in and of itself.

The mere fact that it has been driven largely by students and teachers blogging online is a first for Silicon Valley.

I am unaware of another policy in San Jose's history that has been challenged and received such link-love on technorati as the proposed Skype ban.


Mercury News Writes on Skype Ban

Aside from getting this blog URL wrong (meh), Mercury News reporter Elise Ackerman did a great job writing an article for yesterday's Merc.

A big thank you to Elise from this corner of the blogosphere.

In other news, Skype has decided to have an online forum/conference call on this issue, to be hosted by Phil Wolff Tuesday at 5:00 pm in Dwight Bental Hall, Room 226. Anyone is invited to join, in person or online through Skype.

I would like to personally invite as many students as possible; since this is a student's rights issue just as much as a security/legal one. Make your voice heard and represent.

Finally, if you are "ify" about going because you really don't know much abpit how Skype works or what is going on, Steve Sloan has lots of info linked in one easy to navigate place.

Check it out and I hope to see you on Tuesday!

Shield Laws

There's been several journalists jailed as of late for not revealing their sources to grand juries.

I found this post from John Eggerton at Broadcasting and Cable interesting. It's worth a look, even if you're not a journalist. Vlogger's and freelance journalists are at risk too; just ask Josh Wolf.