Friday, September 22, 2006

Mercury News Writes on Skype Ban

Aside from getting this blog URL wrong (meh), Mercury News reporter Elise Ackerman did a great job writing an article for yesterday's Merc.

A big thank you to Elise from this corner of the blogosphere.

In other news, Skype has decided to have an online forum/conference call on this issue, to be hosted by Phil Wolff Tuesday at 5:00 pm in Dwight Bental Hall, Room 226. Anyone is invited to join, in person or online through Skype.

I would like to personally invite as many students as possible; since this is a student's rights issue just as much as a security/legal one. Make your voice heard and represent.

Finally, if you are "ify" about going because you really don't know much abpit how Skype works or what is going on, Steve Sloan has lots of info linked in one easy to navigate place.

Check it out and I hope to see you on Tuesday!