Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Robert Scoble (Thinks Microsoft is Dead)

First off, I know the headline's a little exaggerated... sorry. But don't write the AP just yet.
Explanations in a moment.

First and foremost, SCOBLEIZE!!!!!

That's right, Robert Scoble of the Scobleizer fame just finished speaking to JMC 163. Robert talked about the Long Tail Effect in media, and how blogs are reaching out to markets to make businesses (and people) more profitable.

He also talked about why advertising is changing to CPM/CPC models - and how it is changing the world...wow...that sounded geeky even to me.

Okay, now the corrections.

No, wait, more inflammatory statements! Yes!

1.)Let's see, Scoble said he doesn't even use Microsoft Word anymore, by his own admission. There's a good one.

2.)Scoble said that he left Microsoft (in part) because he saw that the profitability of Microsoft (this is where the exageration came from) and other software companies are going the way of the dodo bird with so much Open Source software being generated and user content.

(Let's see if that gets me some page hits... anyone wanna Digg Me?)

FYI, the video and podcast of his interview will be up in a little bit on Google, You Tube and Blip.tv (thanks to Robert). I'll link them on my next post.

Robert Scoble is here!

FYI for all those interested that didn't get the info in the memo on the hardline, Robert Scoble will be speaking at San Jose State tonight at 6:00 pm. in Dwight Bentel Hall, Room 226.
If you're not a student, you're still invited to come; just RSVP to Steve Sloan. The room's pretty big, so I don't see there being a space issue.

For those of you living in a hole for the last ten years, Scoble is the man many people (including myself) pin responsible for changing Microsoft's image from "Evil Empire" to just "Empire".

He's author of the book, Naked Conversations, a book about how blogging and the internet are changing the way business does business, and he's also a tech geek with a lot of industry insights.

Check him out.