Saturday, September 23, 2006

And the Hits just Keep on Coming

When a story has legs, it runs.

Looks like more than just the Silicon Valley crowd, the newspaper crowd, the Malaysian crowd, and God know who else is following the Skype ban story - Robert Scoble just blogged it.

Go Robert; here's to fighting the man. ;)

Guess who's watching...

Interesting night last night.; talk about convergence technologies.

Right before getting into bed, my phone rang. Nothing out of the ordinary (late night calls from friends in college are about as rare as HP improprieties).

What was so interesting about the caller, Jan Geirnaert, aside from his very unique perspective and credentials, is that he is lives in Malaysia and has ties to the Mercury News reporter, Elise Ackerman (the very same reporter that wrote Thursday's article).

Check out the piece he did on one of his websites here. He's got a whole bunch of good insights, and he raises some interesting questions too.

Frankly, this is the exact type of experience that the University should be encouraging, not discouraging through restrictive policies such as the Skype ban.

Thomas Friedman, eat your heart out.

(Image taken from Wikipedia article: "The World is Flat".)