Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Five Finger Discount on Copyrighted Goods

WorldChanging had this article on January 12th about the web site MyHeavy.

More specifically, the article was geared towards allegations that MyHeavy had re-encoded videos from well known video bloggers, added ads to them, and hosted them on their site.

It doesn't look like they've stopped. A quick search for "Rocketboom" produced this video from Dec. 5th.


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The Pitch

Tonight @ 6:00 PM in DBH 226, I'll be recruiting from JMC163 for the SJSU Technology & Emerging Media club. Essentially, this is also my pitch for teaching new media and web integration in higher education.

The class is being taught by Steve Sloan again.
(Disclosure: Steve is also going to be the club's faculty advisor.)

I'm really excited about the prospect of creating connections for students in this brand new field. I hope everyone is as well.

REMINDER: The second club meeting will take place tomorrow at 4:00 PM in the Academic Success Center's conference room. It's open to any and all that are interested.

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