Monday, March 19, 2007

Fee hikes at SJSU

There's a great article in today's Spartan Daily about the new renovation proposed for the Student Union, along with a rather large $240 fee that students are going to be paying shortly.

Whether you're for or against the proposal, the increase may have dramatic effects on the student body. Those already struggling to hold down jobs and attend the University may be forced to increase their workload while decreasing their units.

And while the proposed facelift for the SU may have the consequence of attracting higher income full-time students, it may also shut the doors of opportunity in the face of many lower income students in the San Jose area.

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Diversity Video

Bob Rucker has asked me to help set up a website for his Diversity and the Media class. Here's just one of a couple videos that I've created to promote the site (and no, it hasn't been created yet, so these are just teasers).