Tuesday, October 30, 2007

At Least the Madmen Care if I Live or Die

(Note:Some adult content)

"Madmen" being an allusion to advertising guys. In this case, online spammers. God bless them. Yours truly was sitting at home, nose pressed to the grindstone on an assignment, when a 5.5 magnitude earthquake rocked my socks off.

With walls shaking and glass flying out of cupboards, I scrambled out of my apartment only to return a half hour later to the most clever email I've ever gotten. If the Viagra guys were as smooth as this guy was, I'd be harder than a lead pipe till Christmas.

The email was as follows:

Even an earthquake can't shake book prices down, but you can.

Save this number so that you can call it and check for the best prices on your books instantly!
The number is (845)839-8333 It's a NY number, so as long as your cell phone has free long distance, it'll be free to call. Please forgive and report if you encounter errors, as this is very experimental service.

Make sure you update your cell phone's info on the pazap.com website so that when you call in, we'll know who you are. Not only can you shop for the best prices, but you can also sell your books through this number too! We'll be on campus promoting tomorrow. If you see us, you're going to find out why book prices are so high!

Anything else, let me know.

Dominic Son
cell: 408.569.9617

I replied to Son, telling him that I thought the email was funny. He responded:

lol thanks. nice to know you're ok

It's good to know the madmen care.

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