Monday, October 02, 2006

Uploading May Take Awhile

Just thought this was funny; and to think, I was going to post the DVD quality. It'll be up by tomorrow - just cross your fingers.

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Good Op-Ed Piece in Spartan Daily

The piece is refering to the law just passed, allowing for the suspension of Habeas Corpus for prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. It's straight to the point, (don't mind the typos in it) and a healthy dose of sanity.

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Campusmoviefest Ends Today

Sorry I didn't post yesterday; I was too caught up in watching the first rain of the season - I wish!

Campusmoviefest ends today, which means that yesterday, team JMC was busy shuffling files and cropping clips to move our product. I really hope more people get into it next year. We learned a lot bunch about editing on a low budget, and the result was pretty decent.

I'll post the movie here as soon as Google approves it.

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