Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bob Rucker Speaks on Walkout to Class

Up front: I have a lot of respect for Bob Rucker, my Diversity in the Media teacher at SJSU.

Today, I asked him what his opinions were on the purposed CFA strikes. He responded to my inquiry by saying that he found it disturbing that administration officials can garnish wage increases as high as 40% while teachers, "that do the heavy lifting", cannot get a 6% increase in wages.

Rucker went on to say that it is getting hard to make a living at SJSU, and if wages to not rise, that it would, "become difficult for the University to keep teachers" such as him.

Before moving on with the rest of the class session, Rucker added that he had never personally been involved in a strike, and that if the vote came back in favor of striking, that he would go along with the CFA and walkout.

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