Saturday, May 20, 2006

Another story in the works


You may have noticed two more links on my page, "vox-veritatis" and "Up in San Jose". They're blogs just started by two students here at SJSU that are going to do regular postings beginning this summer.

I put them on here to highlight the growing trend of student input on the blogosphere - something to which teachers must start paying more attention.

Plus, it's student/citizen journalism at its best - Coda from "vox-veritatis" and I are digging on the story of Victoria Rue right now, the woman who claims to be a Roman Catholic priest at SJSU.

We already interviewed Rue and Fr. Rubio of SJSU Campus Ministry. We're scheduling interviews with the Bishop and Monsignor Cilia next, though depending on their schedules, it may take a while.

You can listen to the audio from each of the interviews by clicking on the links to their names.

Rue's story is quite interesting, as is that of the new blogger helping out on the interview.

I'll post a full story on the interviewing process and working with Coda after the piece is done.