Wednesday, September 13, 2006

$20 Processing Fee

I just interviewed Marlene Trifilo, the cashiering services manager at the Bursar's Office, about the $20 processing fee for students who did not sign up for e-refund on their MySJSU Accounts.

Trifilo said the $20 fee was put into place because of the cost in labor to process and print checks sent to students not signed up for e-refund.
She added that the Bursar, Marlene Anderson, was, "instrumental in doing the study" to see how much paper checks cost the University. After the study was conducted, the decision was made to add the fee.

While Trifilo said that students are given internet access through the University to make it possible for them to sign up for e-refund, she acknowledged that students may have been unaware until actually going to Student Services that the processing fee even existed.

How Could This Be?

According to Trifilo, the fees are listed in the online schedule of classes put out by the University, which is no longer available in print for students to purchase.

Therefore, students without reliable internet access had to first go to the library or Student Services building and read the online schedule of classes to view the charges. This also means that students without internet access in their homes had to enter checking account information on a public terminal to sign up for e-refund.

Trifilo added that there are many advantages to having e-refund in place, including faster returns for students and not needing current addresses to deposit money - only students' account numbers.