Thursday, September 07, 2006

JMC 163/ Take Two!

At the second meeting of JMC 163 on Tues., we had a guest speaker from Campusmoviefest talk to us.

Campusmoviefest, the largest student film festival for five minute shorts in the country, is coming to San Jose, and JMC 163 students will soon be submitting their own films to satisfy the multimedia requirements in the course. Pretty cool.

Anyways, Robert Scoble will be coming in the next class, undoubtably talking about convergence and its intersection with blogging. After all, he did write a book about it.
If you want to come check it out, I'm sure Cynthia McCune and Steve Sloan wouldn't mind. We'll be hanging out in Dwight Bental Hall 225, all the way at the end of the hall.

I'll also be recorded it, as will Steve Sloan, as always. So catch the video here by Wednesday.

Scoble image courtesy of