Thursday, September 28, 2006

More Publicity on Skype Story May Consequences

SJSU may have reversed its proposed ban on Skype, but the story is still being kicked around on online publications, newspapers, and blogs.

Inside Higher Ed reporter Elizabeth Redden just interviewed Steve Sloan and me for an article to appear tomorrow on the D.C. based site, the Spartan Daily just ran a story on Phil Wolff's visit on Tuesday, and I've gotten emails today from several people saying, "you're welcome" for the thank you post I ran yesterday.

Anyways, this has reminded me of what Phil Wolff talked about during the lecture. He said that while a policy decision may have gotten changed now, future employers would surely be watching and reading with the question, "do I want to hire that sort of person," in mind.

I must admit, it has caused me to give some pause when writing my posts, unlike some bloggers' that have been rather sharp with their language referring to the University.

While I hope that employers would want inquisitive employees that are concerned about what's going on, I am certain many others don't want employees that challenge them in their decision-making. Cluetrain be damned.

It's some food for thought.

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