Monday, September 18, 2006

Spartan Daily Writes About Skype Ban

First off, kudos to the Spartan Daily for reporting on the Skype ban.

Secondly, the article ends after writing that Don Baker, the interim associate vice president, said that there would be discussion for and against the ban, and that the issue would be reviewed this week.

That's great and all, but where and when will these discussions be? Will students be allowed to attend? If not, why not? And lastly, where does the buck stop on deciding whether or not the decision to ban Skype is upheld?

These are questions that I'm interested in having answered, and I would like the Daily or the school (or anyone, for that matter) to address them.

After all, the school servers are owned by the state, and the state is the people. So really, if we are a democracy, this is an issue about what stewards are doing with student servers and bandwidth.

I'm listening.