Wednesday, October 25, 2006

iTunes University at SJSU (and the NEED for webspace)

I'm diggin' the notion of letting students store content on a central server, accessible from anywhere on the internet as part of a student's portfolio or as a class project, but how are SJSU student's supposed to access it?

The story first broke when Invisible Inkling's own Ryan Sholin wrote in the Spartan Daily a piece entitled, "Apple to serve up SJSU podcasts" in March of 2006. The story resurfaced September 25 when Tyanne Roberts wrote about a podcasting class for teachers in the Spartan Daily. Then dead air.

More has been said in the blogosphere by students than anywhere else by anyone else.

But there has been no explanation from the University or iTunes about how STUDENTS can access the server. That's like writing the PHP for Digg and then removing the submit button!

Especially when other faculty, attempting to start a wiki site for SJSU students, need space for students to post their video and audio content (props to Stephen Greene and the other teachers working on that, btw).

It's amazing that a University in the heart of the Silicon Valley is essentially telling students to buy their own server space if they want to produce content, because the University doesn't feel that new media is a NECESSITY in the new job markets.

That'd be a hoot - except for the fact that our school is now competing with every other school in the nation - no, the world - for the same jobs.

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And if students aren't given the tools they need to practice the skills they MUST develop, San Jose will soon be in a world of hurt.

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