Thursday, November 02, 2006

Viacom Seeks Deal with YouTube

ArsTechnica released an article today saying that much of the content that was recently taken down from YouTube because of copyright infringement of Viacom, has been reposted.

Apparently, Viacom is possibly seeking some sort of revenue sharing venture with YouTube.

Viacom told multiple media outlets yesterday in a statement that it was interested in finding a workable business model for making clips available on the Internet, so one can only assume that some sort of revenue-sharing deal is in the works like those that YouTube signed with several music labels. Last week's takedown notices may have represented legitimate concern about giving away too much content at once, or they might have been a bargaining device designed to show YouTube exactly how upset its users would be if all Comedy Central content was pulled.
I personally think that it was a bargaining device as well. Anyone with two brain$ at Viacom knows the value of the buzz that is generated about The Daily Show and Colbert Report online.

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