Thursday, December 14, 2006

That's a Wrap, Folks!

Thank God, my finals are FINALLY OVER!!! My hand has shriveled into a crammed, gnarled mangle of its former self, shooting agonizing pain through my arm with every keystroke.

I immediately sold my books after running, arms flailing widely, from Dwight Bentel Hall. $15 for one book - not bad for a $50 investment three months ago, right? Sheesh. You can hardly get a decent 12-pack to celebrate with that kind of dough.

I'm playing Louie-Louie now... Christmas has come. Now it's time for a cyber Christmas. I'll be putting up a lot more content on my site, and coding away to make it more interactive.

The bright spot; a new media club next semester and lots of eggnog right now. Hoot.

P.S. Yes, the pic links to Jess Drnek's blog... and yes, I'm trying to blatantly shame her into blogging. Hehe.

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