Friday, December 15, 2006

What the Hell Happened to Christianity and Over Priced Track Jackets

Earlier I was Digging around and came across a CNN article that happened to perk my interest. The thoughts and attitudes expressed by Jay Backer were really in line with many of my views on Christianity today. I'll keep this short because I have finals to study for but give it a read, its worth your time Christian or not. Here is a short CNN interview with Jay that I also found rather enjoyable.

To round this little post out, the folks at Veer have some very cool stuff up for sale. Forewarning it is OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. However, they carry very unique items for artists and artsy people that you likely wont find any where else. I am a particularly big van of the KERN track jacket.

Anywho, I off back to studying

Burke Shartsis