Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dust Gathering On Some SJSU Blogs

It's getting warm (global warming theories aside), and students are beginning to do their annual mental vacation. This is no less true for bloggers, apparently. A technorati search of SJSU tags will atest to this.

Students are blogging less, and the blogosphere is again being overcome by other voices.

A CHALLENGE TO ALL SJSU BLOGGERS: Try to post at least one post EVERY OTHER DAY during the work week, and link it to a local blogger you dig. I'll start it off here with this link to a post from Kyle Hansen's blog about student fee increases at SJSU. I hope this gets a conversation started. The CSU system is in desperate need of student voices.

Or, if you're REALLY tired of the real world and just need a getaway, try going to the SJSU campus in Second Life.

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