Thursday, March 23, 2006

Waiting for the speech/lecture/interview to begin...

Some Background

Today I'm going to blog on the Salam Pax presentation being given on the 2nd floor of MLK Jr. library. Pax is a reknowned blogger, and a bit of a statesman if you ask me.

He is also outwardly gay, which is a heoric thing to be open about where he comes from (especially in today's conservative Muslim environment).

Noteriety=Notorious (in Iraq)

He has been outwardly critical of sectarianism in the new Iraqi government at his own peril, known internationally for his allias, The Iraqi Blogger.

Tonight he will appear at San Jose's City Hall for a second presentation, where he will be showing a piece he did with the BBC (a videoblog).

Pax has offered a unique perspective - that of an Iraqi citizen before and after the US led invasion.

Today he'll speaking about his book, "The Baghadad Blogger". Should be interesting; I'll post the video and interview after on Google Video, and link it here.

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