Friday, January 12, 2007

Time Off is Over

After taking a good portion of the break off, I decided to go to MacWorld this week. WOW. If any of you missed what Jeff Han did at TED in February of last year - don't fear - Apple incorporated it into the new iPhone.

They've struck gold on this one, with a blazing 2 Mb upload speed. True, it isn't the six or nine you'd expect from your LAN, but for now, you can get directions and view video clips from friends just fine. And before anyone complains that the battery life is going to be too short to listen to your music (4 or 8 gigs worth), just know word on the grapevine says that the new (or old, if you remember them) thin, mesh batteries that used to be too slow, are now efficient enough to hold longer charges at lower heat levels then they used to be...

...that's geek talk for, "the battery life won't be much of an issue in a year or so."

Anyone at Mac wanna let me demo it for awhile?

There was plenty of other eye candy there as well, from video glasses for your ipod to iTV... I mean Apple TV, which is basically a front end media player for the masses. It's not hard to make your own Linux box to do what Apple TV does anyways, and yes, the authentication process WILL BE A TURNOFF FOR A LOT OF BUYERS who aren't interested in supporting hardware that reinforces protection for the media giants. But still, it's sleek, it's trendy, and it will at least push the markets towards complete internet based media faster.

Broadcast is soooooooooo dead.

Hey, and check out Diggnation this week. They broadcast live from the expo. Way cool. I got some pics taken with Jay, Kevin and Alex. Even Leah Culver was there; not to mention the geek architect behind it all, Daniel Burka.

And then there were the after-parties...

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