Friday, January 12, 2007

Your Mac Life

Burke (from Axis.ds) and I met Shawn King from Your Mac Life after Diggnation ended at the expo. Shawn invited us to the afterparty at the Great American Music Hall last night. Lots of fun - great food (excellent chocolate) - great bar (open, of course) - and lots of interesting conversation.

Oh, and did I mention that Paul Kent, IDG's World Expo VP IN CHARGE OF MACWORLD, sang in a rock/blues/funk band. Who said that geeks can't jam?
Happy Anniversary to Shawn, again. He got married at the Your Mac Life after party last year!

I'll have all my pics from the party up on flickr later today, as well as a couple videos from the conference.

Best line of the after party from Burke: "Drew... I think I'm drunk."
Best response from me: "Yes, Burke... yes you are."

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