Wednesday, February 07, 2007

MyHeavy Responds: No Theft

CEO Dave Carson of MyHeavy left this comment on yesterday's post regarding the Rocketboom video found on his company's site. The email deserves to be reposted, so here it is:

someone created a profile and uploaded it to Heavy - could've been rocketboom folks, or a rocketboom fan perhaps -- and for the record, we never stole anything. the blog postings you read were a reaction to a beta test of our new search engine that enables you to search for videos from all over the web - that particular search feature is down - we're re-tooling based on the reaction we got from everyone who mistakenly thought that we were stealing videos. we hope to have a more refined version of that search functionality up and live in the next few months.
I guess that clears that one up. Much thanks to Mr. Carson for the post.
The conclusion I take is this: USERS should be more responsible in what they upload. Most video bloggers don't care if their material is distributed freely, but HOW and WHERE is a tricky game.

Ergo, don't add video anywhere unless you know you can.
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