Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Coming Back from the Flu; Vlogging, and JMC163

I'm finally back to blogging and school after a week off with a nasty case of the flu. Thanks to my teachers for being understanding.

Tonight I'll be speaking at Steve Sloan's JMC163 at 6:00PM, with an intro into vlogging and video-editing. Fun stuff, and even more fun when lots of other people you know are doing it too.

ASIDE: This is the reason I haven't had cable TV for the last year. Aren't all the networks online now anyways? Minus, of course, Fox. (24!)

I've been hearing good things about the class, as a few of Steve's students have also attended STEM meetings. (There's another meeting tomorrow at 4:30, Academic Success Center, Room 116...FYI)

Well, that's enough for excuses and blatant plugs - here's some current events.

The Spartan Daily had this article today about the use of podcasting in classes at SJSU.

The political end of blogosphere is going CRAZY over the result of the Libby trial.

And Wikipedia may be in the mist of a drastic change of policy. Why is this important? Because, like it or not, Wikipedia has become a major media gatekeeper - people read Wikinews, study from Wikipedia, and more and more, live in a Wikiverse.

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